Friday, April 23, 2010

Gotta Love Oversight

Greetings to Authentic People --

In the TV Stew of Oversight, Pundits, Broadcasters, Kramer, Kudlow, Wolfe --just to name a few -- have you ever wondered how much they are making? If we are playing this Oversight Game, and it is just a "feel good" game, my friends, let's have Media Oversight, let's have Home-Owner Oversight, let's have Dog-Owner oversight. How about a liscence prior to having a child?

We have traded visionary statespersons for those who look good and can give a speech. We have given our freedoms away because we are too busy to keep them.

A couple of suggestions:
Abolish the IRS. Anyone else see the irony of IRS as a "service"?
Prohibit anyone in politics or potitical media from using stylists, make-up artists or accepting "wardrobe" assistance/gifts.
Create a Middle East Council composed of ten economically challeged women from each country. With the help of a female professional facilitaor acceptable to women chosen for the council, give them every necessary support for a sequestered meeting for 30 days. After all, we females may need to talk a bit, but at the end of the day (or month) we get things done. We just don't enjoy violence as a fun thing. "When women are stressed, they go shopping. Men bomb a country." Ellen DeGeneres
Everyone in America who is not on welfare and with assets less than 1M gets a check for 250K. We have to re-create the middle class or the promise of the American Dream will be lost forever.

A bit about me: most put me in the continuum of attractive to gorgeous, I'm heterosexual, born poor and worked my way out of the dumps. Cursed with a brain, high IQ and am just mystified about the American condition. So - a blinding glimpse of the obvious -- people that hurt people need to be voted off the island, good healthcare for all -- just do it and stop politicizing it, clean air, water and food. Notice how much more expensive natural/organic food is which once upon a time Mother Earth easily grew than the carcenogic, pesticide-filled, tortured animal food that is killing us quickly costs?

Well, all for now. If you don't hear from me again the Special Ops guys got me. Laughing...

Hug a horse, kiss a dog, do something kind for someone. You'll feel great.